Aug 31, 2014

Version one of eBook Gem goes live!

Posted by Kris Quigley

We are proud to announce a much needed update to our eBook Gem. The version number has been bumped up to 1.0 to signify that the codebase is a lot more mature, and also brings in incompatibilities over previous versions due to the changes in codebase.

The codebase is now covered by a test suite which should mean that it is stable enough to use in a production environment.

Amongst the changes, the gem now takes an Ebook Object rather than an id to generate the file. It also returns the path of the file generated for your convenience.


There is now support to generate Kindle .mobi eBooks, but this requires the Kindlegen command line tool to be placed in the Rails app /bin folder first. To generate a Kindle .mobi file instead of an .ePub requires the passing of kindle as a second argument:

EbookGenerator.generate_ebook(ebook_object, 'kindle')

The Gem has also been completely reorganised so that it is now a Rails plugin with built in generators to generate the Ebook and Section models and relevant migrations:

$ rails g ebook_generator

Additionally, the models have been redesigned so as not to rely on Postgres or Friendly_id, this is to give you the freedom to choose your flavour of database and how to generate your own slugs.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the gem and can even fork us on github.

We will also be updating our eBook generator frontend to use the new features introduced in this version. Expect an update in the following days.

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