Jun 15, 2014

Yellow River Soup Kitchen

Posted by Kris Quigley

We are very pleased to announce that we are currently developing a new website for the Yellow River Soup Kitchen.

Once completed, the new website will be donated to the charity, potentially saving them money each year. Money which could be used to further support those in need.

The Yellow River Soup Kitchen is a not for profit NGO, registered in the UK. A secular organisation that is open to everybody, it is wholly run by volunteers for volunteers and as such has no overheads of any description. Their objective is to organise or source a variety of projects, with the aim of bringing together two specific groups of people; namely those with a desire to serve and those that are in need. Hence, providing an opportunity, a vehicle, support and empowerment, to enable volunteers to channel their energies for the benefit of others whilst at the same time achieving personal growth and development. Facilitating the opportunity to cultivate a small change inside, potentially manifesting in a larger change outside.

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